Clean, crisp country air, a wide range of community facilities and a safe environment combine to make Warwick the perfect treechange destination. Wide open spaces, a backdrop of rolling hills and lots of uncrowded living spaces provide Warwick residents with a relaxing and rejuvenating lifestyle all year round.

The region offers an appealing mix of country-chic and city living, backed up by genuine friendliness and charm. All the civic and commercial services you need are at your fingertips and there is no rush hour traffic. Warwick’s vibrant community is naturally proud of the town,  celebrating life with festivals throughout the year. Over 150 years ago, Warwick opened the first free school in Queensland and it has been leading the way in education ever since.

There are more than 20 schools in Warwick and they include quality public and private schools. Post-school education takes place at the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE Campus with access to the Open Learning Centre. An hour’s drive takes you to USQ in Toowoomba. Modern hospital and health care facilities are available with a full range of specialist medical services.

A new retirement village provides a stylish way of life for those looking for convenience, companionship and community. Warwick is fast becoming renowned as a regional sports centre with first-rate facilities. National and International sporting events combine with popular team sports. Rest and rejuvenation can take many forms in Warwick.

Catch the latest movie, dine out in style, grab a generous country pub meal, enjoy a cappuccino with friends at a cosy café, sit by a fireplace and sip the drink of your choice or soak up some sunshine while picnicking in a park or at Leslie Dam. Warwick’s strategic location, great services and stable workforce attract a wide range of industries.

Covering an area of 4,725 km2, Warwick District has a population of more than 23,000 and services an economic catchment area of 55,000 people. The Warwick district repeatedly records the lowest cost of living in the state and has economical house, land and building costs. Warwick is truly a ‘great place to grow’.

Cristy Houghton